Q: Does my monthly fee cover all my living expenses?

Your basic fee will cover your meals, housekeeping, laundry, and assistance with personal care. You would be responsible for payment for your medications, your personal telephone charges, unscheduled transportation, and beauty/barber shop visits.

Q: May I furnish and decorate my own apartment?

Of course, its your home. Surround yourself with your favorite furniture, pictures, and mementos.

Q: Will I be able to come and go as I please?

Yes. We only ask, for your security, that you let us know you are leaving and your anticipated time of return.

Q: May I smoke in my room?

For everyone's safety, Morning Glory is a smoke free facility. There is a designated outdoor area where you may smoke.

Q: What if I decide to leave?

Morning Glory does not require a long term lease, and we only require 30-day written notice.

Q: Is Morning Glory a licensed assisted living facility?

Yes. We are licensed and subject to inspection by the Alabama Department of Public Health. We are also members of trade associations which provide continuing education to our staff and keep us informed of new ideas to deliver the best care available to our residents.

The very best...

is what Morning Glory offers in assisted living and providing peace of mind in a caring home.